High Savery Reservoir, Wyoming
History of High Savery Reservoir.
Construction began summer of 2001.

August 2004, nearly 30,000 kokanee were stocked in the partially filled reservoir.

Spring 2005 reservoir is filled to a capacity of 22,433 acre-feet.

June 2005, approximately 20,000 tiger trout were stocked.

June 2005, approximately 4,800 Cutthroat trout were stocked.

June 2005 Savery Creek Below the High Savery Dam has been stocked with 5000 Rainbow Trout to provide a trout fishery in the tailwaters.

To date, more than 20,000 tiger trout, 5,300 cutthroat trout and 30,000 kokanee have  been stocked.

Summer 2006
Summer 2001
Spring 2001
Spring 2006 N. Fork Savery Creek
Spring 2004 Savery Creek

Summer 2001
Summer 2001
Spring 2008 N. Fork Savery Creek