The High Savery Reservoir is approximately 35 miles south of Rawlins. Construction began in 2001, resulting in a reservoir of a total capacity of 22,433 acre-feet, finished in 2005. The reservoir was first stocked  with fish in 2004. High Savery Reservoir is  stocked with Colorado Cutthroat Trout, Tiger Trout  (a cross between Brook and Brown Trout) and Kokanee Salmon.  The area still plays home to some Rainbow and Brook trout.

The High Savery Reservoir is managed as a Colorado cutthroat trout brood stock for use in the Game and Fish hatchery system for stocking other waters, as well a unique opportunity to fish for the native cutthroat trout. Colorado River Cutthroat Trout were the only native trout found in the Little Snake River drainage of Wyoming prior to settlement of the watershed in the mid-1800s
August 2004, nearly 30,000 kokanee were stocked in the partially filled High Savery reservoir.
June 2005, approximately 20,000 tiger trout were stocked.
June 2005, approximately 4,800 Cutthroat trout were stocked.
June 2005 Savery Creek Below the High Savery Dam has been stocked with 5000 Rainbow Trout to provide a trout fishery in the tailwaters.
To date, more than 20,000 tiger trout, 5,300 cutthroat trout and 30,000 kokanee have been stocked in the High Savery reservoir.
Fish Stocking Time line.
Non-stocked Brook trout and Rainbows  can be caught in the reservoir.
Tiger trout
June 29, 2010 22.5 inches 4.1 pounds (current)

May 23,  2009  21 inches, 3.74 pounds

Oct   15   2007  22 inches,  3.33 pounds

May 30, 2007. 19 inches,  2.38 pounds

April 28, 2007. 17.6-inch, 1.79 pounds. 

July 4,  2006. 16.5 inches, 1.6 pounds.
State Records
High Savery Reservoir is the only public Wyoming water hosting the tiger trout species. Tiger trout  are completely sterile, so their numbers can be strictly controlled by stocking. The Tiger trout is a cross between a Brook and Brown Trout, resulting in a fairly aggressive fish. The state Record was caught at High Savery in 2006 and broken each year since. It is estimated this record will be broken each year for the next 4 years.
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Tiger Trout
Rainbow Trout
Kokanee &  Brook Trout
Spawning Kokanee
High Savery Reservoir, Wyoming
As the reservoir was finished and the fishing began to pick up I (like many of you) could not find much info about high Savery. Living less than 3 miles from the reservoir for a good 7 months a year, and fishing it often as well as talking with fellow anglers, I decided to start this site. Let me know if any of you have any questions or can add pictures or info to the web site.
State Record updates.
Fishing Reports.
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Cutthroat Trout
2010 Tiger trout
A new state record was caught in April 2012               7.1 lbs